Knowledge thirst!

They say to know who you are, you should know where you come from. I am an Africa, and so are you but just how much do you know about this beautiful land? Well, it's time to put that to the test. 

Below is a quiz (it's very short, I promise), I challenge you to take the quiz and test your knowledge on how well you know Africa. The intention behind this quiz is to give a perspective on your level of knowledge and give you steps on how to further that knowledge. Let's get started beautiful nerds :)

Step 1: Take the quiz complied by the guardian publication.

Step 2: Check your scores 

Step 3: Use the material below to learn more about topics covered on the quiz. 

Step 4: Well done, I now dub you "an awesome, beautiful creature with a beautiful soul!". Now go forth and be awesome!

Quiz link:

Knowledge resources:

  1. Africa's newest country:
  2. Liliesleaf Farm:
  3. AU conference centre:
  4. Nollywood:
  5. Monrovia:
  6. Ushahidi:
  7. International Criminal Court conviction:
  8. Gambian president's claim:
  9. Zimbabwe independence:
  10. S.A heads of state :
  11. Tallest statue in Africa:
  12. Madagascar 2009 coup:
  13. Africa's longest serving leaders:
  14. Africa hopeless vs rising:
  15. African Union:
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