This is not a music review - Worlasi

When you find something that is good and exciting you share it. A few friends have been recommending some dope music and now my earphones are perpetually in my ears (commutes, afternoon jogs, trips to the shops and long, random, reflective sessions have just multiplied and gotten far cooler)

The first recommendation is Ghanaian artist Worlasi. I've been listening to the mixtape -Nuse on repeat. Oh' man, so so good. The lyrics are powerful yet not forceful, the beat is at just the right cadence and bound to get even the most shy of dancers slowly nodding their head rhythimically as they feel the music flowing through their beautiful bodies. Worlasi's music will not just feed your soul but quizzes and challenges you while deeply moving and entertaining you.

For someone who's not familiar with Worlasi I can't do much justice in reviewing this mixtape. As a lover of music, self-expression & art,this music is insanely beautiful, soulful & moving. What's interesting is that I would probably classify most tracks somewhere close to hip-hop but you also get a sense of these soulful, afropop vibes (especially songs like 'tell me', 'hey' and 'apocalypse'). My favourite tracks include 'freedom' and 'focus' - not just because of the depth and relevance of the message - the poetry by Asantewaa was just the perfect artistic & powerful addition that makes this song so lyrical and beautiful on so many levels.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but some beauty is just universal! Do yourself a major favour dear reader, get in there ( The tracks are also available on itunes :)

PS: Don't forget to come back and thank me for changing your life. I, on the other hand, have my good friend Alberto to thank for his strong game on recommending Worlasi.

Nkgopoleng MoloiComment