Your weekend music needs.....dunzo

Art by Nelson Makamo

Art by Nelson Makamo

This is going to be a fairly short post but one that's very close to my heart.

If you're over the dull, same old popular music that fails to move you, here are a few sounds to put a spin to your next weekend.

Friday night: rein in the weekend with Egypt's hot duo Aly & Fila with their BBC 1 essential mix or future sound of Egypt vol1. Two of the most awesome electronic music DJs on my list right now.

This is perfect as a pre night-out mix or when you just feel like setting up your own roof on fire & dancing up a storm.

Saturday morning: Don't rain on my parade kinda attitude as you officially get the weekend started. I'd suggest Kenya's "Just a Band". With a combo of mellow songs like "winning in life" and "matatizo". For slightly faster bpm to get you pumped listen to "life of the party" or "extra".

Weekend gym session: For an amped up running session I'd probably go back to Aly & Fila. Fuse, P square & Wizkid are perfect for a tempo bike ride or spinning session. You'll fly through those jumps & hills like you have quads of steel.

Sunday: Chilled vibes at home reminiscing about the good weekend behind you & trying not to think about the drudgery of Monday Morning; Nathi's "Ndenzenjani", Worlasi's "One Life" and Bob Marley's "Is this love" always get me in the zone.

Hope you've enjoyed this. All of the above are available on itunes and/or soundcloud. Let the music carry you.