Monochrome Lagos!

Photo by Logor Olumuyiwa

Photo by Logor Olumuyiwa

Monochrome lagos is a project whose beauty I cannot get over. It transcends existing ideas of how we speak of or see certain physical spaces. This is a project by Logor Olumuyiwa, which has been on exhibition (most recently through Joburg Fringe as part of art week). He has set himself the task of capturing Lagos life through a series of black and white images; with a strong focus on minimalism, form, lines, patterns and texture. 

In an interview with Ogojii he asks; “What is Lagos without colour, without vibrancy, without noise? A city that may make you feel simultaneously uncomfortable and enraptured”. 

The easiest thing to do, for any photographer in Africa, is to fill the shot will visual imagery so heavy it will make your back ache. The use of colour and patterns as an easy way out because you know…..Africa = colour, right? (hashtag eye roll). It’s easy to find beautiful and picturesque shots at markets, the beach, parks etc. but these hardly ever tell the full story. 

When I first saw Logor’s work, I did not immediately think “oh’ I’m looking at a picture of Lagos”.  The easy identifiers that are often so overused were not present. I saw his photographs and read the story behind them…or at least what I perceived to be the story behind them. I saw Lagos presented to me in a different light, not following the usual narrative of what I have previously learned about the place.

I am a fan of beautiful, striking and asymmetrical art that is minimal, with clean lines….this is why I was drawn to his work. But more than that, I enjoyed the poetic twist of capturing the city of Lagos without the theatrics and vibrancy…..the city quiet but compelling.

Check him out everywhere on the internet:, insta: @logorofafrica

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