Virtual Reality x The Nest Collective x Let This Be A Warning

The nest collective has once again executed a beautiful project merging new technology with good storytelling. Let this be a warning is a virtual reality film that fuses futuristic ideals of freedom and a new world. 

This is the synopsis: 

A group of Africans have left Earth to create a colony on a distant planet. They respond with disquiet to an uninvited guest.

The narrative is beautifully executed succeeding in including the viewer in the full experience of virtual reality and 360 degree viewing. As a medium, virtual reality (VR) is unfamiliar and feels uncomfortable. Particularly because it feels as though it's meant to mimic reality and yet the filmmaker retains his power as director while the viewer’s role tilts slightly…….requiring more engagement of the senses. 

It’s interesting to reflect on the evolution of storytelling through this medium….could we possibly live in a world where the line between the reception of stories requires more involvement and possibly moves towards the gaming realm? It’s safe to say the language of filmmaking within VR is being developed and written as you read this. I certainly look forward to the wealth of possibility. Let this be a warning.