5 rules that could save your life, make you richer or land you a husband.

Before I start let me just make a disclaimer that my life has neither been saved, nor am I richer or have landed a husband (as the title of the post would have you believe). I know this diminishes my authority to offer advice on these things but I'm going to do it anyway.....pay attention!

Rule number one: Be kind to everyone you meet and engage with. Sir Karma is walking around with a notepad keeping tab of all the horrible things you do to others. 

Rule number two: Never leave the house without a piece of paper with your dream salary scribbled inside of it. You never know what opportunity might present itself today. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a salary negotiation and not have a piece of paper to slide across the table as you make the "yeah, that's right. That's how much I'm worth" face.

Rule number three: Laugh at least 5 times a day. Laugh at yourself, laugh as you reflect on the beauty around you, laugh at lame jokes, laugh at the cosmic joke, laugh with others but NEVER, EVER laugh at others! hashtag preach.

Rule number four: Keep some lipstick in your purse (even if you don't wear it). You'd be surprised how much a pretty, colouful lipstick can help  pick up your spirits.

Rule number five: Be who you really are, like what you like and don't feel compelled to change for anyone. Unless if you're a jerk and a monster, then by all means; take the earliest opportunity to change everything about yourself.

Now, go forth and have your life saved, become richer and lend yourself a gorgeous husband......and you're welcome.

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