Very fitting

When I tell people about my blog the first thing they ask me is "why do you call yourself the scarf girl?". Well actually, first they ask me what I 'blog' about and then they ask me why I call myself the scarf girl. I sort of have to look them in the eye, mask my annoyance with a quick &  friendly chuckle then proceed to reply; that's not what I call myself, that's what I call my blog but most importantly because "wearing scarves in non scarf weather is the essence of being cool" Homer Simpson.

Life is a bit like a scarf (I can feel you rolling your eyes at this sentence, but cliches exist for a reason). They are exactly what you want them to be -scarves that is, not cliches). You can take a large scarf and use it as a picnic/ beach blanket, you can take the same scarf and wear it as a turban on a bad hair day (washing strongly advised), under extreme circumstances the same scarf can be used as a towel (e.g if you're camping in the wild with no laundry facilities).Even the most square of human beings looks good in scarves. 

Silk, cotton, cashmere,satin, wool....every type of scarf has its own identity and feelings attached to it.  According to Wikipedia scarves can be traced back to ancient Rome where they were used  as "sweat cloths" i.e to wipe sweat in warm weather & keep clean rather than warm (tell me about something whose origins are not rooted in ancient Rome!) Apparently they were typically worn by men before women started using them and making them in all sorts of different fabrics. It freaks me out how much of fashion was made for/ used by men before becoming mainstream & being used my women (look it up). I mean, quick example: male artists in the enlightnement period were pretty fashionable with their breeches and waistcoats! I read somewhere that lace was primarily used for male articles of clothing before women started wearing it widely and pretty much monopolising its usage.

Anyway, I don't always wear scarves, I don't only write about scarves (actually this is probably the last post you'll read on scarves here) but I do like the idea behind what they represent. You can build your whole wardrobe around classic & "boring" staples and completely turn it around to tell the world about who you are (or a bit about who you are) by what scarf you choose to wear, how you choose to wear it and most importantly; where you choose to wear it - as  you may know, options include neck (in different styles and lengths), full head , covering only a part of your hair, as a scrunchie, around your wrist (if it is relatively small and light), on the handle of your handbag, bicycle handle bars, door knobs....pretty much anything that is 'tie-able' 



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