On sunday mornings we wear black!

I've been a bit lazy and making all sorts of excuses as to why I'm not writing: 'Oh' I'm too busy, too tired, I don't have anything to say, I lack energy....blah, blah, blah!'. Now I've decided to get off my lazy ass and post something. 

So the other day I had one of the greatest experiences of my life... as always, this story will be cushioned with histrionics so bear with me and look past all the puffery. Anyway, I had the chance to visit the V&A museum in London and like I said, it was phenomenal. We don't have a lot of readily available slash accessible art back in Cape Town so coming here and being able to see great works of art (sans the usual exorbitant entry fees) has been a dream come true. I realise that the ability to spend a sunday morning meandering through rooms upon rooms immersing yourself in art and culture is a  true privilege. Seeing a real Raphael, ancient roman art and some of the most beautiful historic pieces from cultures across the world (don't even get me started in the Architecture museum at the V&A, the enlightenment room at the British museum or actually seeing the Rosetta stone a few centimetres away - BREATHTAKING).

My next quest is to see all the great plays and film and then slowly move over to the music scene. So much to do, so much to experience.....and the FOMO is not helping at all. Anyway, enough for now, this city is not going to explore itself.

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