Round peg in a square hole.

If this is not proof that I'm an uber nerd (and slightly…just slightly embarrassed about it) then I don’t know what is. A friend and I decided to visit the BBC for a broadcasting house tour. Like I said, because we’re nerds and we'll take any opportunity to learn anything, anywhere. Say what you may, but I call this curiosity and this is a good thing (hashtag redeeming myself). Anyway, the tour ended up being very informative, educational and entertaining (as the famous BBC motto promises) unfortunately we did not see any celebrities flow to and/or from the building but it was fun nonetheless.

During the tour, our little group was given an opportunity to re-enact a news broadcast: with real cameras, Autocues, EP’s, etcetera….it was the cutest thing ever. I got my 2-min to shine as a weatherman/lady (I can’t really say 2-min of fame because this was obviously not aired). I was close to jumping up and down when the ‘director’ –I’ll call her the director, even though she was just a tour guide – came up to me, guiding me, giving me directions and getting me ready to present the weather while an audience of no less that 20 people watched the television screen on the other side. This alone, made my day (I know what you’re thinking….I couldn’t be more square if I had corners, right?). Well, being a weatherman/lady for the BBC (even if its for play's sake and totally unreal) and being showered with compliments and told you’re "a natural" (too much??, lol) is not something you get to do every day. I guess my Pecha Kucha presentations are finally paying off… long, dear reader, my resume and application to the BBC meteorology department are not going to update and forward themselves. I guess I'll never really be an accountant after all :p


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