Just let it play out.

I've always heard of the concept of 'falling in love with your own story' but I don't think I'd really experienced it until my recent move to London. Falling in love with your own story is basically a case of believing so strongly in something that changing your views on it becomes difficult....if not impossible. Having lived in Cape Town over the past 7 years, I have become accustomed to a certain way of life...a routine, so to say. I was generally quite happy with this routine and how I carried my life. Enough work, enough time with loved ones, enough exercise and sports, enough social events and enough creative activities to make me feel stimulated and satisfied. I eat a certain way, dress a certain way and live a certain way (I've had to park my veganism for a while until my body is in a good enough routine). Leaving this environment and a specific way of doing things actually took a bigger toll on me than I anticipated. I mean this is quite different to when you go on vacation (you always find a way to work around how you're used to doing things), but actually relocating somewhere (even temporarily) is quite a different beast.  I thought I would hop off the plane and pick up right where I left off....boy, was I wrong. Suddenly I have to find new ways of living and it feels uncomfortable and inauthentic. One thing that I'm glad about is that I caught this feeling early. This has allowed me to open myself up to new possibilities, to realise that as much as I loved the sort of life I had built for myself, I have a rare opportunity to build a new (perhaps even better) way of life. I've had to 'unfall' in love with my story, embrace change and just let things play out. 

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