Don't follow you passion!

According to the very beautiful Elizabeth Gilbert (author of "Eat,pray,love" and many other beautiful literature) when people advise you to "follow your passion" you're more than justified to give them the finger. Her argument is that this is possibly one of the most cruel things you can say to someone. This is because (a) if someone has a strong burning desire (& therefore passion) to so something, they're probably already doing it and (b) not all of us will have one very strong desire to do a single specific thing. She advises that we should rather encourage people to follow their curiosity. If you follow your curiosity you will most likely end up doing things that inspire you or fill you with awe. You will grow, nurture, improve and create. There's something very innocent and pure about following your curiosity with the pure intention of quenching that very thirst that made you curious in the first place (like the whole art for art's sake argument). Unfortunately you may not be able to monetise your activities or be celebrated by the world for your efforts, but so what? What's important is that your curiosity would have led you to live an inspired, creative and fulfilled life......just as you were intended to. Now if you are a power thirsty monster this may not appeal to you. It’s possible that you don't care about living a fulfilled, meaningfully good life; with joy, awe and love. If that's the case go forth and follow whatever will give you the most power and make you the most money at whatever cost (I realise, dear reader, that this is not a dichotomy. I'm merely driving the point home!)

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