Grab a Styrofoam cup & mingle.

You know, as much as a lot of us might bitch and moan about work and the idea of having to sell your time to make a living (and sometimes having to go through the mundane), the office can actually be a minefield for a richer, fuller experience. Think about it; how many of your colleagues would you have had the opportunity or even be inclined to interact with had it not been for the commonality you currently share? I mean, if you work in a very diverse office, you're probably working with people whose paths you would have never crossed before. When the office is filled with truly individual beings with differing life experiences, passions, outlooks and drives you can end up with this rich culture where you are constantly challenging your views, your assumptions and what you previously considered to 'truth'. I don't know a lot of people who would consciously seek out people they do not like and make friends with them; we all enjoy hanging out with people we really like and because of confirmation bias (and host of other psychological and evolutionary reasons) we tend to like people who share our values, views and outlooks and in many ways very similar to us. So next time you notice how different your colleagues are to you, or next time you're about to dispense judgement at the office go to gratitude. Think about how much fuller your world view will be because you had to interact with those who are fundamentally different to you. I don't mean different in the superficial level of race, age, gender or level of background but rather different in thought and being. Now, go forth, grab a harmful-to-the-environment Styrofoam cup, head to the water cooler and mingle.

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