Uhm, excuse me- I asked for a soft pillow, Canadian hit series and some cashews!

If you don't force yourself out of your comfort zone you will always a) do what you've always done, b) how you've always done it and c) with the same people you've always done it with. This is the saddest thing in the world!

Sometimes I'm tired as hell and the only thing I want to do is spend the weekend at home; ungraciously moving from couch to bed, watching episode after episode of the Canadian hit series "the Listener" from Friday evening till Monday morning. I don't allow myself this because I know how easy it is to fall into a sort of spiral. I mean, your bed is warm and easy living is exactly that....easy. Even when I'm overworked & over extended I push myself out of my house reminding myself that tomorrow starts today and that the world is a big, magnificent interesting place....all there for me to explore and enjoy. As I type this tiny letter I've just landed at the airport, tired as hell and really craving a few more hours of sleep.......as enticing as a soft pillow and a large bowl of cashews sound right now, it's a big and beautiful world out there, and I have to go run it. 

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