Self indulgent and unproductive!

When asked about what creativity means Brene Brown answered: "creativity is the way I share my soul with the world. Without it, I am not okay. The only unique contribution we can make in this world will be made of creativity". Hashtag drop the mic and leave the room. The most unfortunate thing in the world is people who believe they are not creative. I believe "creative people" is redundant, all people are creative, the only difference is in whether you nurture, cultivate and use that creativity. I identify so deeply with Brene Brown's views on creativity. Most people who have what I will call an ordinary job (i.e if you're not in the arts as a vocation)often feel as though creativity is self indulgent and unproductive. I've met people who have asked me before; "aren't you just an accountant? What are you doing writing blogs, taking design courses and attending creativity workshops?". My response would usually be an awkward "lip only" smile as I feel the cold bath of shame and self consciousness wash over me. What I've realised though is that I may never be the author of bestsellers or be highly regarded by the New York times (a girl can dream, right?) but ultimately I'm a much better person when I have the space for self expression and creation. Research has, over time, shown the importance of 'play' in our lives- play being loosely defined as any activity you do for its own sake or sake of enjoyment and not reimbursement or obligation (these are not mutually exclusive though because sometimes you can be compensated for play). People who play live longer, are more productive, happier and more fulfilled (listen to this podcast for more details:

What makes creation scary is that it's not about what you do, it's about who you are. When you make something and put it out to the world, you are sharing your soul with your world. If you don't allow yourself this, you don't get to participate in telling the story of our universe! All you get to do is be an observer and consumer. I encourage you to share a piece of who you are - be it as a great cook, baker, photographer, blogger, pianist....whatever it is. I don't care whether you're good at this or do this processionally. Spend time nurturing your being by doing what you love and doing what makes you whole. As Steve Jobs famously said: you are already naked, there's no reason not to follow heart!" 

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