Always go to gratitude!

I've learnt a hard lesson in life and it's that things can always get better but can also get worse.  

Things can always get better: this has taught me that when the clouds are grey and rain is about to come pouring down there's a rainbow on the horizon. 

Things can always get worse: this has taught me to be grateful regardless of where I am in my life. At any point in time there will always be something that is nagging you. Sometimes this will be small and inconsequential and sometimes it will be catastrophic. Regardless, I always have to remind myself that for every 1 bad thing that happens to me, a million other horrific permutations could have transpired. In that moment when I feel helpless and beat, I try to remember that a) the world does not owe me anything and I have not signed some agreement binding it to be nice to me and b) I should only really focus on things I have control over and leave the rest to Karmic synergy. 

I guess I'm trying to say with this post is that we don't and won't always know why events transpire as they do, therefore we should always find a way to go to gratitude. We would be better for it and so would the world. 



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