If it's with the Pharaohs, let it be!

 "I wish I had done that, and now I will." I randomly read this quote (can't remember where) and it has been pretty transformative. Let me explain:

We've all been in situations where regret creeps in and you wish you had or had not done something. I usually torture myself at this point and literally dwell on the past. But I realise that this can be very draining and unproductive. Recently I've been slowly trying to adopt the principle of "I wish I had done that and now I will!" This speaks to those habits which you wish you could nail down and get done as well as those which you want to get rid of.

I genuinely believe that one of the things that make it difficult to change behaviour is that when you make a choice to change; you are somehow admitting that what was done before is not working. This can bring about feelings of failure and fear of experimenting in the future. But, as soon as you realise that that stuff is with the pharaohs, it's gone, in the past and you can't do anything to change it you start to feel liberated and excited about the future.

Granted; I'm not a psychoanalyst or therapist but you know, if this reflection of mine does anything let it be that it makes you think critically about your relationship with regret and how this influences your actions.

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