Renewed love, more energy & a sense of advocacy!

I wake up each morning and think to myself; "today is a new day and another chance to get things right". Today I woke up and thought to myself; "welcome to Ghana, go forth and create memories!"

You would have to be very weird and very closed minded to travel to an insanely amazing destination and not be touched or changed in any way. When I was thinking about my week in Ghana, so much went through my mind. Firstly; I knew it was going to be a great experience and secondly; it would probably be very different to anything I had ever experienced. Day one of the trip was amazing. We spent the day driving from Accra to Kakum national park and later to Cape Castle and Elmino Castle. The day brought a lot of emotions in me, I hate to use this term but it really did feel like a rollercoster ride of emotions (I can see all you cliche loathing pedants closing the tab & slowly stepping away from your computers......I'm sorry O.o). Anyway, from learning more about the atlantic slave trade to having once in a lifetime, 'midnight-train' type of conversations about Africa, her struggles, her people and her story over a plate of beautifully (dare I say crafted) plate of fried plantain and red red (kidney beans with palm oil & other concoctions). Because, you know, this is what people do in West Africa! 

I feel so grateful, proud, hopeful and sad after this long yet amazing day. Grateful because I have this opportunity to learn and experience West Africa, in all its beauty. I am proud because I am reminded of how beautiful Africa is; from the different landscapes to increadibly warm, friendly and very accepting people. I am hopeful because I have had the opportunity to meet incredible people who are working tirelesly in reshaping and reclaiming Africa's narrative while doing their bit to contribute to Africa's future. But, I'm also sad, sad because I know there are so many people out there who still view Africa as a disease infested, poverty ridden island and view Africans as lazy, unambitious and unsophisticated. Yes, Africa has a lot of problems. Yes,some African are lazy and unambitious in exaclty the same way some people from other nations are also lazy and unambitious.But that's not the entirety of the story. We also have a lot to be inspired by and a lot to propell us forward!

If there is anything I wish to take from this trip, it has to be a renewed love for my continent and more energy to be an advocate for Africa, her beauty and her people!

Nkgopoleng MoloiComment