A hero with a thousand faces!

I'm in conflict with myself. It's not a war but it's uncomfortable. 

The thinker is in conflict with the dreamer. 

The warrior is in conflict with the lover.

I like to see myself as a unitary me, but the different facets rear their heads unannounced and unsummoned.

The skeptic mocks my pollyanna.

The truth fights against hope & aspiration.

My confidence mocks my humility.

Urgency & optimism walk hand in hand while lashing at patience and realism.

I'm sitting here waiting for my lookout to wave the white flag. I'm tormented but fulfilled. I'm waiting for the conductor to turn all this into my own beautiful symphony. 

Life is a paradox. Nirvana, harmony and stasis are found in the midst of chaos. 

The piece above was greatly influenced by Erica Ariel Fox's 'Winning from within' book. I feel so lucky, every time I find a piece of literature which speaks directly to my soul and helps me navigate through life.





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