My new found passion for hacking will guide me!

I’m officially declaring September Bio-hacking month. I’m always on the look out to spice up my life and do things differently or try out some whacky things. This is because I truly believe that play is important. Unfortunately a lot of us forget this as we grow up. We start giving into social expectations and allow the status quo to reign. Tons of research show the insane benefits of play and its impact on work, relationships and  life (look it up kids -

Anyway, back to bio-hacking. I first learnt of the term while paging througha women’s health magazine. The concept was not new to me but seeing a fancy, slightly cool name slapped on it made it even more appealing. Wikipedia simply defines bio-hacking as ‘the practice of engaging biology with the hacker ethic’. In simple terms; think of it as performing tiny (hopefully safe) experiments on your own body in an attempt to achieve your best possible self. This means trying out different tricks (often contrary to conventional wisdom) in order to elevate yourself mentally, physically and emotionally (yes, you read right; I said elevate).

Starting tomorrow: September 1st, I will be sharing with some of my bio-hacking experiments and providing feedback as I go. Just to warn you, none of the stuff I’ll be attempting will be on the ‘ poo transplants or tempering with my brain waves’ level. I’ll be trying mainly diet, sleep and mental related exercises or ‘hacks’ to try and improve my fitness as a runner, to sleep better and to be more productive. Let’s go. 

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