In an attempt to transend normal existence and achieve a stillness of mind ,I declare my first MEDITATION. In my last post I shared the fact that I was declaring September bio-hacking month. I committed to try out at least one thing every day for the month of September, as an experiment to reaching my higher self (this is embracing the concept that there is no great genius without a mixture of madness.....look it up kids)

I hereby commit to 15 minutes of daily meditation. I will try this out for a month and measure whether I experience reality any differently. I realise that to experience the full benefits of meditation, regular practice is necessary but I figure I should at the very least start to feel more calm and centred following a month of practice. Should I find that results manifest themselves, in one way or the other, I will definitely commit more time to this practice. My zen buddhist friend assures me that daily meditation is at the very core of feeling secured, calm and centred. Feeling centred is meant to help you adjust your perception of what is around you and  also leads to mental clarity. This is turn, is meant to make you a better person. Think about it; when your are calm and level headed you're less likely to let day to day frustrations get to you, or turn outwards to find comfort.

Everyone I know is talking about the power of mindfulness and living a conscious life (it's true, I only know 7 people). I don't doubt at all that there are benefits to mindfulness, what I am very anxious to find out is just how effective these tools are and to what extent they might influence my life. Will sitting in silence for 15 minutes a day for at least 30 days really make me more calm, more levelheaded, more happy and zen like? Let's see. 

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