Looking back. London, London I miss you!

I love these sort of communal cafes where they have one of those large ‘dining room style’ rectengular tables. On the one hand, you have a couple in love casually paging through a magazine as they sip their lemonade. On the right side of the table you have an old, really sweet-looking elderly couple, having some savoury muffins and what looks and smells like english breakfast tea; they are not saying much, but you can see the love they have for each other and you can tell that they are content….content with themselves and content with life.

Ofcourse, like with any cliched hipster cafe, you have two creatives typing furiously on their MacBooks; one of them is probably writing a screenplay that has as much chance of getting picked up as I have chances of meeting Michelle Obama. The second creative is probably in between catching up with friends on Facebook, having heated debates on Twitter about why the West’s obsession with quinoa and other super foods is borderline unethical. 

The great thing about quant cafes like this one (Saint Espresson in Islington) is that it’s a great opportunity to watch people. What better way to observe life and humanity than to sit on the side line for a second and just look…..soy flatwhite in hand of course. I think that’s the one thing I love about metropolitan, 'artsy' towns. You find these tiny places away from the hustle and bustle, away from the commercialism and away from the noise, yet there’s a sense of vibrancy and oh’ so much to see. Also, just sitting alone, quietly and not stressing about your to do list or making mental notes of how you’re going to navigate your day, week, or life is extremely good for the soul.I recommend it for everyone. You know the old saying: ‘rest the body and the soul shall find solace’. I often have to remind myself of this as (being a type A personality) I tend to get over stimulated and over zealous about everything. 

Anyway, enough rambling and staring at a screen for now. I’m going to sit here and enjoy my black mushroom sandwhich as I plough through J.K Rowling’s Casual Vacancy.

I wrote this post early this year when I was in London and out of sheer laziness and poor short term memory I forgot to post it up. 

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