Let's go forth and be awesome!

I used to laugh at myself when mishaps…uhm happened, now I’m basically just a stickler for perfection and cannot take a joke.

The other day I had an unanticipated wardrobe malfunction (as if any malfunction could ever be planned), instead of slight embarrassment followed by laughter (which is what old me would have done) I completely freaked out and became angry at myself. One could say that this is because I’m evolving into an adult and I care more about these things now. Or it could just be that previously harboured anger is rearing its ugly head up. I mean, I want to continue being the silly happy girl I’ve always been, I like that girl and I think the world could do with a whole lot more of those girls than bitter old hags. Now that my therapy session for the day is done…I mean blog post, I can continue on and havea fantastic day. Why don’t you join me, let’s go forth and be awesome.

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