Meditation, zoning out or just plain snoozing

So roughly 5 days have passed since I last announced my first hack. The plan was to spend at least 15 minutes a day engaging in meditation. I have to confess, this has been tougher than I thought. The first two days were okay, I guess; I sat down to meditate as quickly as I got up. I have to say the day was a little brighter than my normal days. Maybe this is just confirmation bias....probably, it's too soon to tell. The third day on the other had was a major fail; I got up at 4am, decided it would be a good idea to meditate on my bed....naturally I just ended up falling asleep. I woke up 30 minutes later from one of the best dreams there, I guess this worked. 

One hack that I forgot to mention is forgoing my ordinary chair at work. For the past 2 months I've been alternating between sitting on a stability ball and kneeling (Yes, assuming a position where my body is supported by my knees). At first it was a little tough on my back because I had to make a conscious effort to sit up straight and engage my hip flexors. I suffered lower back pain (nothing major) for about a week or so. I think this hack has been pretty successful; I mean I no longer need to spend minutes upon minutes stretching and warming up before my runs - because the stability ball engages my hip flexors the entire day. Ideally I would love to get a standing desk, but these don't come by easily so I'll just continue with the stability ball. I love it though.

My next hack will be to harvest the benefits of rebounding. I have been going to the trampoline park here in Jo'burg a couple of times and it has been amazing. Rebounding is meant to increase the lymph flow as well as strengthening your bones. Now this is not very different from many other types of exercise but I think the theory goes that rebounding is supposed to be more efficient. I'm going to try and incorporate this into my training regime and will def report back. Ok, that's enough for the day. Ciao for now.  

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