Shut up, sleep more. REPEAT

Oh my gosh guys, I found this amazing article on 10 skills which are tough to learn but will pay off forever. None of these skills were things I had not heard before, I'm sure you've heard these a billion times. The point is that they resonated. Here's what I want you to do: take a piece of paper, write these down and keep the list in your pocket....every pocket, every day. 

First skill: Know when to shut up and actually do it. One thing I've learnt over the years is that people just love talking....a lot....about themselves. I've said this before and I'll say it again; the only thing that people hate more than hearing about your problems is hearing about your dreams. You may be the main character in your own story but honey, remember you are one story in about 7 billion other stories. Learn to listen, really listen and get out of your head now and then.....believe me it will serve you well. Or, if you're a narcissistic monster like me, start a blog...write down all your ramblings there...this way at least people have the option to opt in. 

Second skill: master your sleep. Ariana Huffington had the right idea when she said 'sleep your way to the top'. Having the right sleeping ritual which leaves you invigorated and energetic can have tremendous impact on your productivity and happiness. Freakonomics recently put out a podcast on the economics of sleep (listen here: Here's an excerpt from the second part of the podcast: "...we find that permanently increasing sleep by an hour per week for everybody in a city, increases the wages in that location by about 4.5%"......crazy right? So in conclusion: sleep more, sleep better and succeed. 

Third skill: consistency. It is conventional wisdom that we are what we repeatedly do. Whether its working hard, sticking to an exercise plan or healthy lifestyle, starting a business or practicing kindness the only way you can really tell if something is working is if you try it out over and over again. This requires patience, a skill that I personally struggle with....urgh!

Ok, I think we should leave it there for now.......this coming week be sure to talk less and do more, sleep more and more efficiently and lastly be consistent.

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