Bold statements and radical proclamations!

If theres one thing I've learnt, its that people ( and this includes myself) are unreliable. This is not because they are inherently bad in their nature. A lot of the times this unreliability is driven by emotions. Whenyou are under the strong influence of one emotion over another; your mental state is completely different and you find yourself compelled to say and do things which you will only regret later. Friends who know me well, know that one of the thiings I have a genuine dislike for is absolute statements, that and statements uttered with 100% certainty. Do you know how insane you sound when you say anything with absolute certainy e.g I would NEVER do xyz I will ALWAYS love you, you will FOREVER be x. First of all, these statements deny the fact that a lot of how you feel at the moment is fueled by your current mental state which largely influenced by either weak or strong emotions of sadness, anger, happiness or anxiety. Secondly, you don't have a crystal ball, you can't predict the future! How can you possibly know how the next 3 months will turn out? Lastly, just think back to the past and how many times you've been wrong about things which you had complete conviction over. That alone should be a telltale. When I find myself making bold statements and radical proclamations I always remind myself that I don't have any true conclusions because I'm constantly evolving and changing and so is the world around me; including my preferences, my beliefs, my hopes and my dreams.

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