How to nurture potential.

When it comes to social ills and injustice, it's easy to talk about those murderes, dictators or rapists over there. It's easy to point fingers at those corrupt government officials taking food from the mouths of the poor......because we would never do that. You and me; civilized, kind, decent and human. What if I  told you that there are more direct, hurtful and real ways in which your own ills will not simply inconvenience others but also crush their souls?

Our ability to live out the best of who we are is tied up in how we see ourselves and how we relate to others. I have no science to back this up but I truly believe that every interaction is an opportunity to either allow the spark of human potential to shine through or sadly, just another way to chip away at the human soul leaving behind resentment & hurt. Human potential should be nurtured and protected. Human potential is what makes us a little bit better today than we were yesterday. Human potential, is what makes flourishing possible.

In order to nurture and protect my human potential, I apply a 3 part filter to most, if not all of what I do;  (i ) is this useful to me or someone else, (ii) is this necessary and (iii) does it bring me joy? The opportunity cost of doing that which is neither useful, necessary nor joyful can be measured in loss of human potential. 

Now, I want to share 3 "call them rules if you like", which will remind you to stay on the path of useful, necessary or joyful:

1st rule: Be around people who make you feel genuinely happy. Stay away from those who make you feel weird, or bad or don't care about you. Talent is personality at the right place. This means you will almost always do well where your heart is.

2nd rule: Always give before expecting to receive. Pay it forward. Enough said.

3rd rule: Always do what you can, with what you have, where you are. This frees you from incessant complaining, worry & anxiety. 

That is all! 

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