A photographer a day: Hélène Amouzou

A fitting end to the 10 day photographer series. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing some of my favourite photographers with you. Each day has been a gift as I got to put pen to paper and reflect on these amazing images and stories. Today we look at Hélène Amouzou.

Born in Togo, in 1969, Amouzou is said to be inspired by American photographer; Francesca Woodman, using this inspiration to create her own distinct images. 

She works with film rather than digital media, preferring the effects of chance and serendipity and she exploits the use of long exposures, playing with the photographic medium to create ephemeral and ghostly self-portraits.’ (APN)

This is her: 

“Self-portraiture is a way of writing without words. My aim is to reveal the deepest parts of myself.”

In this specific series showed here, she explores the experiences of movement and transit. She photographs herself in an empty room with peeling wallpaper. The pictures depict her with her belongings, using the suitcase as a symbol of her state of transit. The photos were taken when she was seeking asylum in Belgium. 

Helene’s work is chilling and haunting, with each image well thought out and brilliantly executed. I read somewhere that ‘art should comfort the disrupted and disturb the comfortable’…..this is exactly what her work does. 

You can find her everywhere on the internet. Helen. 

I hope you have enjoyed this photographers series as much as I have. If you missed any, just click on the ‘blog’ tab above and scroll down for more.

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