Mbongeni Buthelezi x Plastic Man


The Melrose art gallery is currently showing a group of South African artists whose work I am in awe of, I respect and I enjoy. One of whom is Mbongeni Buthelezi. 

Mbongeni applies human creative skill and imagination through his use of plastic to create art. Despite the fact that he has been an artist using this form for decades, his work continues to feel experimental and unorthodox. 

This is him: 

“I use rubbish to create something beautiful from it. I collect something that has no value and give it new life. That’s what we can do with ourselves and our lives,”

I love that last thought....but of course life is about destruction  & construction...... of things, of self & of life.

His current work in particular, resonates deeply. Not only is it beautiful, it also produces feelings of familiarity and comfort. I love that although his work is underpinned by environmental awareness this is not overt or forced but rather in the ordinary creation of the work. Sustainable x Art.

Nkgopoleng MoloiComment