You say “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can't hurt me" until someone throws a dictionary at you and then you're like "whoa....words can hurt". And by that I mean a metaphorical dictionary.

In an increasingly difficult world I apologise, I do retreat into day dreaming and hoping for this utopia with great ideals.  A world where we don’t accept social ills simply because they remain the status quo. A world where humanity does not seem to be waiting for an opportunity to show just how deeply it can hate. A world where what we say is in line with what we think and feel, and what we think and feel is in line with what we do. And what we do is pure. 

I know this pollyanna version of me makes me seem naive and may even disqualify me from the conversation. It may at times keep me away from the table. Where “cut-throat is good” and where a “take-no-prisoners” and “eat your young” mentality prevails. 

It might be good for each of us to reach deep into that part of our hearts where we admire & cheer for the guy who treats others with kindness. The guy who gives before expecting to receive, the guy with empathy, the guy you ultimately want your grandkids to grow up to be. The guy who feels no need to put on a tough guy bravado, or a veneer of overconfidence and narcissism. 

Maybe it's time we start looking towards the guy who embraces values of humanity, graciousness and compassion. Values which are lacking in today’s world. The guy with enduring intelligence that transcends cleverness. The guy who is willing to mend what has been torn apart. The guy who can make justice imaginable again.

If you are this guy, SABELA, the world is calling for you. 


Nkgopoleng MoloiComment