All things possible, how would you live?


I would stop trying to change myself. I would stop expending energy trying to change myself with the hopes of realigning myself with what the world thinks I should be. I would practice self-love and self-compassion because it is through these actions that one can be kind, open and loving.

I would always treat people with respect and dignity remembering that life can be difficult. I would take care of the suffering and those in pain because at the end of the day we're all just walking each other home.

I would speak less and offend less. I would work hard at preventing others and myself from hurting this world. I would assume less knowledge and ask more questions. I would nurture my curiosity but also expect the universe to retain some of its mystery.

I would worry less about the small things. I would worry less about the insignificant things. I would dream more and care more.

I would worry more about the times when I am thinking of no-one else but myself.

I would recognise my insecurities and starve the ego. I would have a strong repulsion towards injustice and corruption.

I would stop wreaking havoc, creating malice and destruction. I would check my bias, beliefs and demons.

I would remember that every interaction is an imprint on my mind, my heart and my soul. For this reason, I would flee from the cynics, the sceptics and the cowards.

I would live boldly. I would allow myself to express myself and offer myself to the world.

I would seek the truth.

I would try harder.

I would get up every morning to face each day with a renewed strength.

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