To put it simply, leave people alone

Why are you so concerned with how other people live their lives? Each person’s choices in terms of their way of being and how they choose to relate to the world, is the product of their human imagination. If you care about social justice, freedom and self actualisation, how dare you try so hard to have dominance over how others choose to live their lives. 

I always get push back from some people when I say things like; live and let live, choose your own adventure and let people be. A lot of the push back does not necessarily come from a place of genuine belief that people cannot self govern. It comes from a fear of some imaginary slippery slope that if you “allow” people to exercise their real human liberties, morality will be at stake & we’ll all go around killing each other. 

What irks me is that social convention, respectability and social acceptability are all just constructs. Literally manifestations of other people’s imagination. Other than nature and natural laws, everything you see in the world, and every way of being, however virtuous, is a construct created by humans. Humans who are neither more intelligent nor thoughtful than you…not that this should ever be the standard by which we measure worth. And so when we snicker and gossip and shame others for completely reimagining their existence and living out their lives in a personally crafted manner that defies social norms and expectations, what we’re really doing is admitting our own ignorance or fear.