Con artists....we all are!


When we talk about scams and con artists its easy to think about street scams, guys asking you for money while selling you some story about losing their car keys or pyramid schemes.

What we often don't think about are those who sell you one face and ultimately betray you when they reveal the skin underneath the mask.

It blew my mind when I started thinking about how I am...we all are, probably being scammed every single day and don't even know it. The boyfriend who promises to be a romantic, the friend who promises loyalty, the boss who promises to invest in your career growth, the advertiser who sells you the magic pill. All these and more are examples of artists who sweeten you up with the promise of manna that will never quite fall.

I mean "con artists" sounds slightly harsh perhaps even dramatic but if the shoe fits.....

Afterall the definition of con artist.......a person who cheats or tricks others by persuading them to believe something that is not true.

I hate to be the kind of person who advocates that you go into every human interaction with the kind of ruthless business efficiency that reinforces self interest & the false ego but sometimes just being aware that the scales are skewed is really the only way to guard your heart.....because at least then you can decide to opt out of the game.