An artist a day: Nelson Makamo


To showcase and pay homage to insane talent, I've decided to do an art series. Every day for the next 10 days, I will be sharing 2 of my favorite art works by a specific artist accompanied by a short artist bio. The intention is not to review these works but rather to experience them. I hope these pieces will move you, challenge you, rebuke you and soothe you as they have done to me.

Day7: Limpopo's Nelson Makamo is probably my favourite artist. I can never deal with the beauty of his sketches and paintings. That's why you'll find me literally stalking him to see where his new pieces will pop up. 

This is him:  

 My work is inspired by my existence, by the fact that I can wake up every day and see the movement around me.

 The common colours that you will find in my work are red and blue. They are very symbolic. I do use red not to symbolize danger, but rather as an emotive colour that provokes feeling.


Nkgopoleng MoloiComment