An artist a day: Bambo Sibiya


To showcase and pay homage to insane talent, I've decided to do an art series. Every day for the next 10 days, I will be sharing 2 of my favorite art works by a specific artist accompanied by a short artist bio. The intention is not to review these works but rather to experience them. I hope these pieces will move you, challenge you, rebuke you and soothe you as they have done to me.

Day 9: Bambo Sibiya is a contemporary artist from South Africa. His work usually offers insight into community life on the streets of Joburg. Picking these two paintings was very tough. His range of style is broad & you get a different sense of what you think he's communicating depending on which work you look at. 

Below is a short clip of Sibiya at work.


Nkgopoleng MoloiComment