Nine part theory of everything - Laziehound Coka

Laziehound's work

Laziehound's work

I am going to share with you some wisdom that genius and artist extraordinaire Laziehound Coka imparted to me. He explained to me that he understands the philosophy of life through a 9 part analysis. This is the framework he uses to understand work, love, friendship and everything in between. 

The nine part philosophy of everything

The nine part philosophy of everything

He started - In everything, there is an appeal. You see something that is appealing and draws you in. Be it an inspiring piece of art, someone you like, a particular job, activity or idea that you are attracted to. 

Once you've seen this, there is an attraction to that which is appealing to you. So here you go beyond the passive as you engage with what you find appealing. This attraction will lead you to approach. Here you engage with the subject in whichever way is best suited; visually, through touch, spiritually, whatever. If we're talking a piece of art for example, you might look at it for longer, touch it, shift angles etc. If its a specific job/activity you might ask those in the field a few questions or do a bit of research.

Now that you have seen the appeal, the attraction and have gone on to approach, you go through the introduction. In this stage you learn more about the subject. This is the difficult part as you are constantly struggling as you work your way through the learning process. The introduction and learning process leads you into the first understanding

After the first understanding you know (knowledge stage). But you can never say you fully know something because things then there's the secondary knowing. Here you use your existing primary knowledge, adjust, unlearn and learn again. As he put it "reassessing what you know, to know if you still know".  

Because you have an understanding, the primary and secondary knowledge, now you can experience love. Once again using the example of work, you understand the intricacies of what you do so well that you begin to be mesmerised by the sheer beauty and fall in love. The final and last stage is security. Here you protect what you love and also feel safe with what you love. 

When I said to him 'I can't', these being the only words I could think of to express my amazement at the simplicity & yet profoundness of what he just went through, he responded; "you can, you're doing it all the time!". DONE. 

See Laziehound speaking to Kaya FM about some of his work in the video below.

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