Nelson Makamo x Street art

Those who know me well, know of my obsession with Nelson Makamo’s work. This obsession goes too deep. I follow all his work, chasing it from fair to gallery to print media. His sketches and paintings are so impactful to me. I’ve spent many hours looking at his work and feeling all sorts of confusing things. I don’t find it heavily political or too much in your face, yet there is a seriousness about it that makes me uncomfortable and arrest my attention nonetheless. 

Now you can imagine my excitement when I passed through Van Beek St. in New Doornfontein. and saw Nelson’s work, right there against the black wall. This was the first time I was seeing his work in public space….out there for all to see and enjoy. The bridging of worlds as art is made accessible to all. But also challenging us in terms of what we believe can be described as street art vs what we find in galleries. I think its such a powerful statement when the same artists whose work you find at the poshest white walled boxes across the world, can also be found on the streets. 

Someone who’s walking from the train station to work can enjoy this beauty for a few minutes a day, without having to move out of their daily routine. 

To me, this is a reminder that “art for all” is possible. As Jim Chuchu (who I have quoted practically very day since I heard him say this) said:

…..every time we create, the country shifts and the kids a watching.

Nkgopoleng MoloiComment