A photographer a day: Remofiloe Sebobe

Today’s photographer is Remofiloe Sebobe. She is a product of the Market Photo Workshop, a space I am constantly having new heights of respect for. 

A bit about her: 

'She intends to use her photography as a medium of art, which can be used, as a teaching utensil in NGO’s to teach the disadvantaged. With a growing interest for art in the location, she would like to open up a platform where the young can express themselves.'

Remofiloe’s work is more than just interesting angles and composition, her work is chilling and truthful. I first found out about her through a series she did which focussed on her relationship with her mother; articulating the pains, the joys and the difficulties of that relationship. When I think about why it is that artists create I am reminded that part of creation is the belief in the redemptive value of beauty. Making beautiful things and sharing them in the world as a form of ritual and healing. Clive van de Berg calls it ‘the redemptive impulse’. 

Remofiloe is definitely a photographer I will be keeping my eye on,  see more of her work here: artfair2016

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