Thenx ladies: Azania is five to


Thenx ladies - four ladies who are trained performance artists creating their voice in the entertainment and arts industry of South Africa.

This group of 4 women are doing an amazing job at conscientizing society.  Whether its about patriarchy, blessers, racism....if you are part of the problem in society, they will come for you.

It's weird how we laugh about tragedy. But we laugh when we know that there is truth in there. Society is so messed up, sometimes you just have to laugh.

The first time I saw the thenx ladies perform, I enjoyed their acting & singing abilities but didn't think much of it. It's only when I saw them for the second time that I paid attention to the content. I was impressed at their ability to bring a conversation about very real & important issues such as greed, the need for power & how that translates into injustices. "Azanya is five to" is an impressive body of work that looks into the state of the nation.  It tackles zuptagate, rape & violence, racism, blesser phenomenon, women's rights & much more. It will leave you feeling a lot of very confusing things all at once. You laugh until tears roll down your face & at some point you can't even tell which one you're doing.....laughing or crying?

Apparently in interviews they are asked all sorts of stupid questions like; who's the beyonce of the group? .....seriously, eye roll. or what happens if one of you gets pregnant.....all this attesting to the fact that Azania is not ready for women disrupting spaces through doing critical work that moves society forward. I think this is one of the reasons why art (in all its different forms) is so crucial in our lives, it plays a role of subverting & disrupting our ways of thinking about what we assume to be. While we're on this, be sure to see one of their shows or find them on youtube. Thank me later.

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