fashion: Makgati x Glow

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Makgati x Glow

Photographer: Nonzuzo Gxekwa, Writer: Nkgopoleng Moloi



At times soft and quiet, at others colourful and vibrant,  fashion is often an expression of the type of energy you feel in your body……. Beauty comes in all shades, sizes & aesthetics.  This series looks at two women; diverse in their own right & choosing  to display their own ideas of beauty.

The series challenges histories of perspectives and ideals of beauty, looking at fashion as a way to tell stories of the construction of a coherent self……. through performance and interpretation.

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Makgati Molebatsi is an art entrepreneur based in Johannesburg. An art lover of note, she’s often found gracing the streets, art fairs and art exhibitions looking slick and chic. When asked what inspires her sense of style she told a painful yet liberating story. Makgati remembers an occasion in school where she was teased for being ‘too dark’….because colonialism and colourism being dark meant being ugly. She went home one day after a teasing incident by a teacher and told her mother about it, who later stood up for her at the school. This incident left an impression on her and left her with a  strong sense of wanting to define and own her ideals. A collector of art, books and all things nice, Makgati is goals and her chic, easy style inspires ooh’s & aahh’s…….if not jealousy.

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Glow describes herself as ’a youtuber, art-hoe, activist and black femme brilliance’….. and that she is. But these descriptors leave out something very important and that is: style icon. I find her ability to incorporate high fashion pieces into everyday wear remarkable…..always with a hint of glam and class. Putting together some of her most beautiful instragrammed outfits feels like a fulltime job, one she executes with the outmost imagination and creativity.  

In a recent documentary with Mykki Blanco on trans & femme experiences in South Africa, Glow takes Mykki to a very special place in downtown joburg for a day trip of shopping.....revealing one of her secret shopping spots. If you want to get a scoop of where to find some of those beautiful pieces and chanel your inner Glow, you’ll have to watch the short film.

Here’s to Glowmamii and Makgati….two beautiful, expressive, creative and amazing women. Here’s to fashion as expression. Here’s to fashion as resistance. And here’s to fashion as fun.  

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