Toro y Moi's Boo Boo - hypnagogic!


 " I just want everybody to have a good time....I really do"......this is how the album starts, with notes reminiscent of chilled studio 54 vibes, 80s pop & Japanese funk.

You're in for a psychedelic journey.....

Toro y Moi has delivered what I consider to be his best work.....Boo Boo, his latest album released July this year, is a delightful work of art....none of the songs feel spectacular but all of them feel authentic & reflective. Definitely not disappointing to those expecting his usual mellow vocals & hypnagogic low tempos.

"Girl like you" is currently the most popular song in the pack of 12, according to iTunes ratings. Ultimately a song about longing - what’s it gonna take for a guy like me to find a girl like you - transports you to a time of late nights, summer vibes & summer love.

I've listened to the 12 tracks cover to cover, shuffled, random repeats.....about 30 listening sessions later (I'm not exaggerating) I find myself in awe of the sonic pleasure that is Boo Boo.

My fave is definitely the second track; "no show"......riddled with nostalgia, these lyrics get me everytime...reminding me of place & time unknown & unknowable.

But you went and did it wrong anyway. I haven't seen your face in a while. I know you didn't wanna have me around. But why you gotta take so long?

Similarly, tracks like “windows”, “Embarcadero" & “mirage” are sweetly trippy & atmospheric….what others might term “bedroom pop”.

The musical experience is accompanied by a short film directed and produced by Company follows Toro Y Moi as he’s driven around West Coast Bay Area.

Pigeons and Planes described the album as "the quiet genius of Toro y Moi".

This is him, quoted from the same interview:
I feel like a lot of the chillwave fans are going to definitely see this as a chillwave album, but honestly it was hard to make a record like this after all the chillwave craze. I was sort of anticipating everyone being on, "Oh he’s going back to his roots," but at the same time I asked myself, "How do I approach this style of music without repeating myself or getting bored with it or making something expected."

There's tons of stuff out there. Just tons, and it's so different too because it started with black R&B-type funk, then it goes to its own interpretation. It just resonates with me because, being half black, half Asian I'm like, this is what's up. This is my calling.

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