Manila ice


With lyrics on the first track….

“Shooting anybody

That’s been taking drugs

Aim it at your face

And I get away”

Manila ice has been described as a commentary on the state of affairs with the war on drugs that’s left thousands of Fillipino boys and men dead…Eyedress goes over and above this with motifs of love, pain, loss and survival on this album. 

The album is slow, jazzy and smooth. Intensely surrealist and sad but still manages to feel playful.  Most tracks are interspersed with sharp breaks to Eyedress’ (& multiple artists) singing & rapping.  

Despite the varying ranges, stylistically, the album manages an impressive continuity with songs like ‘separation anxiety’ feeling like a continuation of the song which precedes it; sofia coppola. 

You might think it directionless unless if you believe Eyedress is self aware in delivering a mixture of broody 90’s american high school rock tones, absurdists lyricism and a medley of genres…..for instance, the jazzy tones just before the 3rd minute of separation anxiety with what sounds like a background saxophone all the way to the end of the song. 

Confusion, money, pain, love, partying, life….it’s all there…..bringing a deep sense of sadness, but this sadness is not unbearable. 

I love tracks like “feel like giving up” and “can’t run away from pain” - both featuring teenage granny. They are amazing in their absurdity of the literalism and sing-songy lyrics. 

It would not be Eyedress without references to the third eye…….third eye kisses is a romantic interpretation while sticky green leaves feels more electronic and emphasizes great vocals. 

With only 45 minutes over 15 tracks, Manila ice is transient with rhythms that take you up, down and sideways in a whirlwind of emotion…..but the overall mood is consistent. 

Experimental, emotive and escapist; manila ice feels like important work. Find it on itunes, soundcloud or pretty much everywhere on the internet.

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