Nosaj Thing's Parallels: beauty and dissonance.

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Atmospheric, slow and impressionistic with padded synth, Sister is the 10th track on Nosaj Thing’s 4th Album - Parallels. Parallel (n): occurring or existing at the same time or in a corresponding way -  a highly suitable title for an album that is both mellow & evocative while steeped in deep bass and sweet melodies. The Parallels sessions were a chance to make opposites attract: beauty and dissonance, love and regret, soul and machine (quote from Pitchfork).

Despite having only 10 songs, the album is broad in its offering, delivering great lyrical content (in very small doses) and a genuinely varied sonic experience. 

You're gently introduced to the album with the redolent Nowhere (first track) before you get transported into Sunday-afternoon-chill-vibes & pre-party mood, dripping with sex appeal and dizzying tunes. 

Songs like Form, How do we we and Sister have an etherial texture to them. Nosaj beautifully blends deep bass and rumble that’s expected of electronic music with a melodious and rhythmic feel. There are no bold decisions or moments in this album….it’s quiet in that way, but it is intensively satisfying in its delivery. 

As we’ve come to expect from the LA producer, collaboration is a big part of this project; he features Kazu Makino and Zuri Marley, among others.

The album is minimal, in terms of tonality, lyrics and texture but it’s also fantastically trippy.

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