Abu Dhabi

En route to Cairo & touch down in Abu Dhabi……capitalism has just hit me smack bang in the face. Less than an hour and I’ve already spent R70 for a cup of coffee. I mean, you always expect opulence in Middle Eastern airports so I guess part of me was not really surprised when upon landing in Abu Dhabi, I was greeted by luxury fragrance boutiques and of course McDonalds - the epitome of moral decay and perfect representation of consumerism. 

This is why I love moving out of spaces you’re familiar with, it gives you the ability to observe from afar……with a slightly more critical outlook. 

Capitalism and consumerism aside, I almost toppled with shock at the sheer absurdity of having a tiny box where human beings queue up, lock themselves up to kill themselves slowly while portraying high levels of the cool factor……yes reader, smoking booths.

Okay, enough shade for the day. On the positive side, I’m pretty impressed with the architecture in the airport. The design oozes with calmness and cleanliness. Despite the hubbub of faces & feet moving in every direction, the feeling of open space due to the Arab influenced decorations and flowers, you really get a sense of mordenity. The fact that there’s a public reading space just makes the space more relaxing and human centric. So I guess I'm happy :)

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