Aswan: Part 1

Some people don't believe in nolstagia. They see it is as a longing for a glorified time that's misrepresented by our bias of forgetfulness. There's a theory that we don't remember the past as it truly is but rather as we want it to be.  The past is an important part of our story but unlike the future or the present we can't change it...... 

Driving up the curvy and bumpy road of a nubian village in Aswan, I was stuck by a deep sense of longing. A longing for better days, a longing for simpler days. Seeing village life happen right in front of me reminded me of my childhood....quiet yet vibrant, simple yet sufficient. 


Seeing village life in all its nuance always puts me in a contemplative mood. And as corny as this might sounds it leaves me hopeful and always reminds that the big things are actually the small things....that.